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Everybody familiar with the d20 system knows that it is a fantastic system for representing fantastic feats of fantasy. The Universal Decay variation focuses on both extreme realism and ultimate in-game mutability. Using the Universal Decay system even the best-trained warriors have to be careful when going sword-to-sword against their foes. You can have just as much fun developing new technologies as you can defeating armies. The rules are flexible enough to not only encompass any conceivable situation, but modular so that players only deal with complexities they feel comfortable with.

Universal Decay: Dead Stars Rulebook

2nd Edition, Revised

Core Rule Book
Science Fiction, Universal

Paperback Print, 364 pages, 8.5" x 11", perfect binding
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PDF, 364 pages
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PDF, 28 pages

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Dead Stars is a science fiction horror role-playing game powered by the alternate d20 Universal Decay rules system. Pick a race - from the ever-familiar humans to the amorphous gorbrasch or sleazy helizara - strap on some personal armor and pick up a sliver rifle or get a cerebral computer implant and grab your toolkit. Or both. Then get together with your friends to face a universe of dangers, wonders, opportunities, and quite possibly a messy death. This book contains everything you will need to play or run a game in Dead Stars as well as rules for using the Universal Decay system in alternate genres, incorporating everything from swords and sorcery to vehicle energy weapons, personal armor, nanotechnology and starships.

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