Something we might want to check out or contribute to.

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Something we might want to check out or contribute to.

Postby Trisscar » Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:27 pm

From a separate forum, thought it looked interesting.

It's been a few months since we launched the beta version of my website, so now I'm reaching out to communities where I think some people might get what we're trying to achieve. A lot of people here plug their own Youtube videos related to gaming so I figured many of you would be interested in this.

My website is like taking GameFAQs and merging it with Wikipedia, only it is focused exclusively on computer RPGs (We are planning to open a database for tabletop RPGs in the next coming months, and already have one featured contributor who focuses on them, Dungeon Bastard). Once our publishing platform is out of beta development we intend to make a lot more sites using it, focused on other niche topics like anime, comics and other game genres.

We currently have 71 walkthroughs , 84 reviews, and 19 let's play videos. We currently don't have much "news" for games, which is things like press releases and trailers or announcement videos.

Now before you label this post as spam, you should watch this video of mine where I demonstrate I have been able to get one of the site's walkthroughs to the front page of Google Search results, where it is receiving 1,000 views per month. We have spent a lot of time figuring out how best to design the website for SEOing all the submissions and unlike a site like GiantBomb or GameFAQs we encourage our users to submit monetized Youtube videos. The mods on those sites routinely ban users for submitting high quality walkthroughs and reviews simply because ads run on them.

By contrast we want our site to help Youtubers reach new audiences they otherwise wouldn't have because their videos are buried in a vast ocean of content.

An example of what kind of articles we want is the Lost Kingdoms article created by one of our users. You can read our Wiki Style Guide here that explains how our guidelines are different than other wikis.

A good example of what kind of walkthroughs you can make is my Ragnarok Online Leveling Guide. I don't just embed one video; I embed multiple videos that detail specific sections of the game and include a lot of text that makes it easy for search engines to identify what the article is about.

We also have an alpha build of our forums. I say it is the alpha because it is missing many of the great features it will have such as post voting; we will not have moderators, instead if a thread receives too many negative votes it is sent to the "graveyard" section of the website. The voting algorithm has not been implemented yet but when it is, the votes will be based on how much the user has been contributing to the website. This means people cannot make sock puppet accounts to manipulate the voting system.

A forum feature that is functioning is the ability to connect a new thread with a game database article. This makes it easier for people to find forum posts about certain games.

We have a lot of new features we are working on right now, such as full implementation of the voting system and additional Search parameters (such as listing games by their combat system, and user-generated tagging of game articles and database submissions). We are also going to be improving the user profile pages to allow 'subscribing' to profiles and for several users to band together as a guild for cross-promoting one another's submissions and allow things like Facebook Fan Pages and blog RSS feeds to be integrated much the same way our featured contributor pages are. However we have launched this site with very little startup cash and develop in our spare time, so it may take several weeks until all these features are complete.

That said, this is a great time to start adding content because newly added user-submitted content appears on front page feeds, and we received 10,000 page views last month. I anticipate the views to increase exponentially as more users contribute to the website. Especially since I promote all the content that is uploaded to the website using a network of blogs and social media accounts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
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