New material for "Universal Decay" generic splatbook

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New material for "Universal Decay" generic splatbook

Postby Strutinan » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:59 pm

I plan on producing a generic splatbook for material that could not fit into the DSRB for whatever reason, or that I have come up with since finalizing the contents of the manuscript. I plan on posting much of it here for public review...have fun :D


Beyond the Limits [General]
You have managed to push yourself beyond the normal limits of mortal ability.
__Prerequisites: 3+ ranks in the chosen skill.
__Benefit: Choose one ability score, and one skill linked to that ability score. You can purchase an additional point in that ability score beyond the normal purchasing limits indicated by your character level. Your maximum ranks in the chosen skill is three higher than normal.
__Special: If you take this feat at 1st-level you can spend your 1st-level skill points to access the higher skill ranks this feat allows you to allocate.
__Note: The increased total ranks limit applies ONLY to the chosen skill, not any variant skill based off of it. This means that you cannot apply it to Craft in general, just to a specific Craft skill, and the same applies to other categorical skills such as Knowledge. It also means that adding three maximum ranks to a base Psionic skill like Telepathy does not carry forward to it's derived skill Brain Ripper.

Gifted [Creation]
You were born with an innate ability to understand and utilize a type of skill.
__Prerequisites: 1st-level characters only.
__Benefit: Choose one of Mental, Physical, Social, or Technical. You have a +1 insight bonus to all skills of the chosen category, and can make untrained checks of up to DC 20 if applicable.
Note: This feat can only be taken ONCE.

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