DS: Lost World Cyberpunk

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DS: Lost World Cyberpunk

Postby Strutinan » Thu Jun 06, 2013 5:33 am

Since Steven is too busy with finals to do the prep work on the world, here is my proposal for the statistics of the world we are playing on and the star system it is in. I am generating this using the rules in the DSRB Chapter 19, with minimal "fudge factor" to fit it with the desired genre. I will fill it in as I go, I am focusing on the stuff that is most important first (duh).

Type: O3V
Mass: 46
Water Zone: 460 to 690 AU (1 orbit)
Vapor Point:9.2 AU
Chance of Life: 10% base
Gravity Well: 92,000 AU

Total: 23 (note that orbits 20 to 23 are at least a light year away from the star)
Inner System
Orbits 1 to 6: Lost beyond the Vapor Point
Orbit 7: 9.6 AU.
Orbit 8: 20.3 AU.
Orbit 9: 38.4 AU.
Orbit 10: 77.2 AU.
Orbit 11: 154 AU.
Orbit 12: 304.5 AU.

Water Zone
Orbit 13: 571.7 AU. Earth-Like (40% surface water) Low-Iron. 11,336 mi diameter, density 4, gravity 1.04g (effectively no difference). 2 moons (Hostile 7,935 mi diameter; Asteroid Belt).
* Atmosphere: 1.2a Carb/Ox (unfit for breathing by non-native life, see DSRB page 254).
* Resources: Gem 11%, Ind Crys 11%, Hv Mtl 1%, Ind Mtl 8%, Lt Mtl 0%, Rad Mtl 0%, Org Cmp 14%, Rare Min 13%.
* Life: NONE. At least not NATIVE life.

Outer System
Orbit 14: 1180 AU.
Orbit 15:
Orbit 16:
Orbit 17:
Orbit 18:
Orbit 19:
Orbit 20:
Orbit 21:
Orbit 22:
Orbit 23:

Orbit 13 is inhabited by a Human colony.
Civilization Level: Space.
Population: 1,595,744, with no contact to the parent civilization.
Computer Network: City network (+0 Research modifier), with several dedicated databases locked behind restricted-access networks that are protected by a Security program Rating 1d6+(1/2 Database Rating).

The vast majority of the population lives in the caldera of a dormant volcano that is two miles above the planet's surface, giving it an atmosphere pressure of 1a. The caldera is covered by a translucent dome and sealed, so that the atmosphere can be maintained for Human life. The city itself is a massive collection of skyscrapers, but even though it is 15 miles wide, the caldera is 50 miles wide. The remaining covered area is filled almost entirely with vegetation for oxygen and food production. The city derives all of its power from geothermal wells that extract power from the lava beneath the caldera.

At the edge of the caldera are several tunnels thru the natural stone wall, each sealed with two airlocks to preserve the atmosphere. Train lines run from the city to these passages, and then run down the caldera to material extraction sites - most of the labor being done by prison labor. The only one that does not instead goes to a spaceport carved from the side of the caldera.

A few thousand people live and work on a pair of space stations that orbit the planet. One is used to scan nearby space and uses lasers to push away any asteroids or meteors that could threaten the planet. The other, which is the larger one, launches ships to the Hostile moon at Newtonian speed, to operate floating mining platforms which extract the small amounts of heavy and radioactive metals which the planet uses. Both space stations are powered via solar arrays.

Mining of the moon is done by launching explosives at areas which Sensors indicate have valuable materials. When the explosive missiles burrow into the earth and then detonate, they expel rocky chunks of the surface into space. Fetchers and Psychokinetics then capture the chunks, bringing the ones which are not corrosive or otherwise dangerous onto the platforms. From time to time expiditions to the asteroid belt that occupies the orbit of the second moon are launched, mostly in hopes of finding and harvesting Type M asteroids. Because of the distance to the second orbit, these expeditions tend to hire Fetchers capable of FTL travel, otherwise a round trip can take months.

Government: The planet is ruled by a technocratic oligarchy of corporations, which constantly vie for position and influence. Because of the relatively small population, a subtle shift in which corporate board has control over which piece of infrastructure or policy can have a drastic change on the lives of the million people that are used as pawns.

Max Item Value: 115,900
Price__DC_Type of Item
+150%_+10__Armor (personal)
_+90%__+7__Armor (vehicle)
_-20%__-5__Combustion Fuel
_-35%__-2__Drugs & Medicine
_+80%__+9__Primitive Weapons
+200%_+11__Nuclear Fuel
_+10%__+2__Powered Armor
+160%_+10__Vehicles, Flying
+120%__+7__Vehicles, Ground
+130%_+11__Vehicles, Space

Megalopolis, Rediscovered World, Stationeer, Technocracy

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