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HoH - American Arcana: San Francisco

Postby 00Edge » Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:33 am

Episode 1 - Nov 11, 2017

Welcome to all new adventures in the Heroes of Horror genre. This time in the American Arcana sub-genre set in 1921 prohibition-era San Francisco, CA.

The players:
Darren Gerhardt - A high strung skill monger who is a professional photojournalist/freelance photographer. He knows people across the bay and has access to several film development labs. He earns his keep by taking pictures of things other want to know about, but don't want to see in person.
Jim Corbott - A 14 y.o. professional monster hunter. This young man has the guns, and the guts, to take on the "big" game haunting the bay area. Living on a boat this youngster is ready to face the world. (Knows Darren Gerhardt professionally as he takes pictures of Jim Corbott kills)
Valori AKA "Val" Smithe - A local saw bones with three strikes against them. Strike 1, a woman. Strike 2, not human (and hides it). Strike 3, can use arcane magic (really, really hides it). She makes her living by patching up the local gangsters and monster hunters. She works in secret as doctor to the underworld, and only takes work from those she knows. (Knows Jim Corbott having treated him for injuries received on the job)

The action:
We find our adventurers scattered across the city of San Francisco, CA leading their lives. Darren Gerhardt has become worried that a homeless WW1 veteran contact of his named Old Joe has gone missing. So Darren secures the services of a local hunter he knows, named Jim Corbott to help him search for Joe. It doesn't take them long before they find him laying wounded and unconscious on one of the many cargo peers near China Town. Joe is severely injured and can't even be moved. So Jim decides to call the "Doc" to come help out. It takes her an hour to get out to them, but when she arrives she quickly assesses the scene and determines that the man can only be moved laying flat. The group grabs an empty cargo pallet and lays him on it after the Doc applies a bandage to slow the bleeding. They move over to the pier warehouse and break into the office on the premises. After a quick sterilization process (using 'vodka') on a table large enough to hold Joe, Doc Val get to work patching him up good enough to move him to someplace "safer". After 4 bottles of saline, and careful stitch work, Val has him done up enough to move him safely. Some quick thinking has Darren and Val think to call "Eddie" the cab driver. The fast talking, faster driving, woman chasing Asian elf in a bright red cab shows up and takes the bunch over into China Town to a closet hotel where Old Joe can recuperate. Darren pays for a week's stay and everyone goes home for the night.

The next morning Darren and the Doc go back to the hotel to check on Joe. Joe tells a tale of Sister Jane from the local soup kitchen getting dragged off into the night. Joe gave chase and confronted the creature only to get seriously wounded in the exchange. Unfortunately, Sister Jane was nowhere to be seen by the time Joe caught up to the beast. Included in the tale was a man who shot Joe in the back with some kind of strange pistol. Joe described the creature as he remembered seeing it in the dark. It wasn't much to go on, but the investigator part of Darren was glad for the information. The Doc gave Joe instructions for 2 days of bed rest, eat lots of meat, and NO booze so he could heal up. She went back to "work" while Darren took off to fill in Jim the hunter. The two of them met up to continue the investigation without the Doc. They found out several homeless folks (including a whole family) have gone missing over the last 2 months. The same 'rotting fish' smell that Old Joe described was linked to the disappearances. They were also told that the same smell was coming off the fish delivered to the soup kitchen about a week prior to the current date. The church running the soup kitchen wanted nothing to do with the stinking meat since they thought it was no good. Darren and Jim were forced to buy it to even look at it as part of their investigation. After paying the church Darren thought it would be a good idea to take the stuff across the bay to a marine biologist he knows at UC Berkeley.

After dropping the stinking pile of flesh off with the good doctor for further research, Darren and Jim head back to 'Frisco. Now rather late in the day both men decide to call it a night and go to bed. Jim gets a rude awakening in the middle of the night. Several creatures are trying to burst through his door. They break it in on the second try. Standing before Jim are two of the ugliest, smelliest, man-in-a-rubber suit looking, , , things. Jim kills the two that entered his cabin, but not before they got him good. There were two more on deck who fled after seeing the young hunter quickly dispatch their two brethren in the close quarters of the boat's cabin. Jim called up Darren for a photo session, he would need the documentation of his kills to collect the bounty. After getting his payout at the police station Jim called the Doc, just as she was about to go to bed after a night of partying. Jim gets into her 'office' where upon seeing how badly he's hurt (2/10 con left) she decides to put him under anesthesia (laudnum/ether/etc) to be treated. Once Jim is asleep she uses her magic to heal up the worst of his wounds (back up to 8/10) before stitching up the rest to make it look good. She leaves him a written bill before going to sleep on her office cot. Jim pays up on his way out the door and heads back to his boat to find its been seriously vandalized.

And that's where we end our episode of American Arcana. Stay tuned for further adventures in the "City by the Bay".

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Re: HoH - American Arcana: San Francisco

Postby 00Edge » Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:02 am

Episode 2 - Nov 18, 2017

Welcome back to HoH - American Arcana: San Francisco.

When we last saw our adventurers they had gone their separate ways. Mostly to go home and sleep. Poor Jimmy found his boat in serious need of repairs from having been torn apart by lord knows who. So Jimmy takes his boat to the repair dock and scrapes together the cash from his cash reserves to pay for the repairs. They'll take 5 days to be completed. With part of his armor destroyed, next on Jimmy's to-do list is to find new armor to replace the destroyed coat. He finds, and buys, a silk vest that will provide a fair amount of protection. With his wallet now considerably lighter Jimmy now sets out to find a place to sleep. He gains lodging at a mid-range hotel and pays for a week's stay (for the discount). Now at the end of the day it's time for Jimmy to get some sleep.

Meanwhile Darren went down to the dock where the fishing trawler that brought in the bad batch of fish and stayed the rest of the night watching it.
He stayed until after sunset the next day. Darren then went down to the place where he knew Jimmy kept his boat docked to find the pair missing. Not sure where to find the young hunter he left to go get some sleep himself. The next morning Jimmy calls up Darren at his office to get back in touch and find out what's going on. Darren has tracked down the owner of the fishing vessel and is going to pay him a visit and asks Jimmy to join him. The two men head down to the office building where the owner is located. They enter the building and head up to his office where they startle the man's drunk/hungover secretary. They then make their way into his office and have a talk with him. After talking with the boat's owner they have written authorization to board and inspect his boat the Deep Diver. Darren and Jimmy then leave the office with the owner hastily leaving with them. They exit the building and decide that on their way to the pier it would be a good idea to get the Doc. They head over to her office in Chinatown.

Upon arriving in Chinatown and knocking on the Doc's office they find that she's just now waking up for the day. They tell her that they're on their way to check out the fishing boat and there might be injured people and could use her assistance if that's the case. She agrees to go and shuts the door to get ready, so the men head outside to have a smoke while they wait. An hour later she emerges from the building looking fresh faced and ready to go. The trio head to the pier and get the dock master to send men to roll a temporary gangplank over to the boat so they can board her. Once aboard they begin searching the ship. They find plenty of evidence of injuries and even a corpse. The captain's cabin is in total disarray. The log books and navigation charts are missing. On the crew deck the lights are not all on. Some of them have been damaged. There is also a very strong odor that drives the two men back onto the poop/top deck retching. The Doc heads down to the crew deck to see what the fuss was about and opens the portholes to air it out for them. She opens the galley door and props it open. The massively foul odor has no effect on her, but keeps the men vomiting up top. The galley is completely dark. If it weren't for her ability to see in the dark she wouldn't have gone into the room. So enter she did finding the nearest porthole she went to open it only to find her hand touching some gross sticky/gooey substance. She didn't open the window and instead walked out into the light to see, in detail, what was on her hand. A mixture of blood and feces covered her whole hand. Knowing it wouldn't be good for her health to leave it she fled the boat to go wash the foulness away with soap and water. The men weren't happy that the odor wasn't going away. Darren was finally able to get over it enough to brave the stench and headed down to the crew deck and closed the galley door. By the time that Jimmy was able to once again go down stairs the Doc was back. The remainder of the ship turned up signs of illegal activity. Mostly smuggling of animals and goods of an illegal magical nature. A shocker lizard was found in the engine room providing power to the lights that had not been broken. The crew bunks were covered in dried blood telling of some violent end to those that had lived, and worked, aboard the vessel. And finally the ship's cargo hold was locked tightly. After working at it Jimmy broke into the hold. There were hundreds of waterproof leather bags. A quick search of a handful of the bags revealed that they contained arcane spell books, arcane scrolls, and dragon scales. All very valuable on the black market, and highly illegal.

It was at this point that the three investigators decided to flee before they got accused of being involved by the police (or worse the church). The Doc not quite as afraid as the rest lagged behind to steal a few "souvenirs" for herself. She quickly stuffed two of each kind of bag into her doctors bag, not having room for more without them being seen. She slammed the door trying to make it appear as if she was trying to make it look closed. As they finally were leaving the boat the doctor slowed to remove the borrowed boots she had taken from the captain's cabin and drop them into the water between the boat and the pier. The two men had already stepped down onto the dock and so she made the easier target for the ambush that was waiting for them. Once she had her shoes on she was hit by a shot from some distance putting a hole in her that collapsed a lung and made her drop to the ground in shock. Darren dropped a smoke stick providing cover as the doctor crawled her way into falling down the stairs into the smokey cover. Jimmy went for cover behind some crates and to try and spot where the shot came from. Being out of the smoke made Jimmy the target for the sniper's second shot that grazed him on the side of his head. The Doc tried to use her meager magical ability to heal herself. while hidden in the smoke. Darren heard the sounds of her spell casting , but said nothing of it. The Doc was able to stabilize herself after a few seconds. While that was happening the other two continued to keep to cover while also trying to close the distance to where Jimmy spotted the sniper at the end of the Pier. Jimmy finally made it to the building next to where the sniper was. Darren found solid cover inside a small boat house and the Doc was hiding behind another boat house trying to heal herself with her minor arcane healing magics. By the time Jimmy got to a spot to shoot back at the sniper the person was gone. The Doc had managed to heal herself up enough to not worry about dying. The group deciding that it was time to go to the boat captain's house and do so before the cops arrived at the pier they all left.

The Doc took off on her own to "see a colleague" and said she'd meet up with the others at the captain's house. An hour later sees the men walking up the stairs to his apartment in a three story "brownstone" type house. They're greeted with rudeness from the man's wife. Darren gets the wife to open the door only to be threatened with a rifle barrel stuck in his face through a narrowly opened door. Jimmy waits a second before he makes a move catching the person by surprise he disarms the holder of the rifle. Which just so happens to be the captain of the Deep Diver. Darren and Jimmy try to get the captain to talk, and while they're busy with him the captain tells his wife to run, fearing for both of their lives. It's not long afterwards that the Doc has caught up fully healed and redressed looking as if nothing has happened. After much cajoling and some threatening the captain finally tells a tale of smuggling and the catching of an aboleth. One of his crew was wounded by the aboleth, and fell ill soon after. The crew butchered the beast and filled their fish hold with the foul smelling meat. Once back in port the Ship's purser went ashore to sell off the "fish" while the rest of the crew was confined to quarters until they were all cleared of any illnesses. It backfired as the sick crewman changed and changed the others with him before they turned on the captain. The captain fled the ship out one of the portholes in his cabin. After the Doc smelled his hands (confirming that he had been shooting recently) the man confessed to being the sniper at the pier. It's about this time that there is a knock at the door. The Doc insists the other keep quiet and stay put and walks to the door. Just as she approaches to take a look through the peephole a shot bursts through the wooden barrier, barely missing the Doc causing her to drop to the floor looking for safety.

And so ends this exciting, action-packed episode. Stay tuned for more thrilling tales from HoH - American Arcana: San Francisco

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