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You have found your way to our free products page. All products on this page are offered free of cost in e-book (pdf) format! Feel free to download one or more as many times as you like and as always your feedback is welcome in our forum.

Universal Decay

Universal Decay: Dead Stars Promotional Book - An introduction to the Universal Decay system and the Dead Stars science fiction/horror setting, including chapter 1 and 17 of the full version.
Universal Decay: Dead Stars Character Sheet - The standard character sheet for Universal Decay: Dead Stars, including a page for vehicles and robot minions.
Universal Decay: Dead Stars Android Character Sheet - A UDDS character sheet designed specifically for andriod PCs
Universal Decay: Dead Stars Star Systems Sheet - A record sheet for star systems in UDDS.
Universal Decay: Dead Stars Robot Sheet - A record sheet for robots in UDDS.

D&D Edition Pi

Edition Pi PHB - The Personal How-To book features everything you need to create and run a character for Edition Pi.
Edition Pi DMG - The Dominant Magi's Grimoire contains everything you need to run an Edition Pi game.
Edition Pi MM - Contains hundreds of monsters as well as rules for modifying existing ones or creating whole new beasts.

E-Books and Novels

The Lycanthrope Club: Book I - The first book of an upcoming three-part series, The Lycanthrope Club: Book I is the account of a teenage girl who becomes a werewolf.
The Lycanthrope Club: Book II - The second book of an upcoming three-part series, The Lycanthrope Club: Book II chronicles the further adventures of Melinda Cooper and her friends.

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