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Who the heck are you guys?
A small group of overly-enthusiastic gamers with delusions of grandeur. We enjoy tabletop roleplaying games such as D&D and its many d20 adaptations so much that we decided to have a go at publishing our own material.

One thing you'll probably notice is that most of our products are free to download. This is no accident. We're more interested in sharing ideas and building communities than making a buck. We embrace the Open Gaming License (OGL) philosophy behind the original d20 release and strive to create the best table-top roleplaying game products on the market. All of our products are playtested in house by veteran gamers, many of whom have been roleplaying for decades.

Where can I go for help with a rules based question?
Most questions can be answered on our forum. Feel free to email our one-man service and support trained monkey, Tyler, if you still aren't sure.

Where and how can I purchase your products?
Most product pages contains a link to the storefront where you can buy the product you choose. Alternatively, some product pages contain a free download link where you can download a copy of our free products. The free stuff page has links to all of our free products.

What about settings for your books?
Each book contains either a fully developed large setting or one or more small starting settings. In addition, materials are organized to allow players to use the included rules in any setting.

I found a mistake/error in my book. Who can I contact?
Please report any and all mistakes, errors, etc. - even suspected ones - to Tyler.

Where can I find book errata (supplemental correction sheets)?
Print on Demand (POD) products will have a download link containing that product's errata. Downloaded products (i.e. pdf files) will include a version list noting any and all changes made; the download link will include the latest version.

Do you accept submitted work? Art? Settings? Novels?
Yes! If interested, please email Tyler. Our submission guidlines are still under development so just try to present your work as neatly and clearly as you can.

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